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Sims 4 Salon
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* Note: this page is still under construction

All creations on this site are the property of Pixel Shrine.
You may share my files  by placing a link to the file and/or this site or using the social share buttons.

Do not hotlink any of my files or other content.
Do not claim my creation as your own, or you will cause an act of piracy.

You can show my creations in your screenshots without credits…however credits will be appreciated.

You can recolor all my creations, except as stated otherwise, but please don’t include my meshes and always give credits and place a link to the original file.
I realy appreciate it if you send me the link from the recolor you’ve made, I’m very curious to see your creation.

Do not upload recolors from my creations to payed sites (pay/donate per download or membership).

You may upload recolors from my creations to your site placing downloadlinks through Adfly

DO NOT edit/modify my custom alpha’s.

DO NOT sell  my creations or your recolors from my creations on websites.

My creations are thorougly tested in the game, but if one of my creations causes problems to your game, just delete it from your folders and contact me explaining the problem you have.

Pixel Shrine cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your game.

If you download cc from this site, that means you have understand the above policy and agree on them.

This site is not affiliated with EA Games.



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